Full-arch restoration in Boise, Hailey, and Star, IDFull-arch restoration in Boise, Hailey, and Star, ID

Full-Arch Restoration

Replace an Entire Upper or Lower Arch of Teeth at Once

It Is Possible To Be All Smiles

Full-arch restoration is a life-changing option for those with missing or decaying teeth. With this approach, patients can improve their oral health and experience the ease of everyday functions free from pain.

Oral Surgery Experts You Can Trust

Drs. Kempers, Nelson, and Hastings are trusted oral surgeons who specialize in transformative procedures, such as full-arch restoration. After years of successfully restoring oral health and confidence for countless patients, our oral surgeons are ready to design a treatment plan just for you.

Benefits of Full-Arch Restoration

There are many reasons to choose a full-arch restoration:

  • Eliminate pain from tooth decay and damage
  • Natural-looking prosthesis
  • Implant-supported prosthesis helps prevent bone loss
  • Complete and functional smile: be comfortable eating, speaking, and smiling

A Popular, Cost-Effective Solution

Superior to removable dentures, full-arch restoration is quickly becoming the method of choice for patients in need of multiple tooth replacement. In addition to delivering comfortable and natural-looking results, patients love full-arch restoration as a cost-effective solution to address their oral health issues.

Full-arch restoration relies on dental implants to achieve the exceptional results this procedure is known for. Using as little as four dental implant posts, an entire upper or lower prosthesis is placed onto the dental arch and fixed in place for the ultimate security.

Advanced Technology

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group uses the latest in 3D imaging technology to create high-quality digital impressions for accurate surgical mapping and restoration specifications. If the jaw needs additional support, a bone grafting procedure can be performed for successful dental implant placement.

Invest in Your Oral Health

Untreated tooth decay or tooth loss can lead to other health problems and can even affect quality of life. It’s important to seek a qualified dental professional to get the treatment you need when you need it.

Learn about your tooth restoration options by giving us a call. Advances in technology and surgical techniques have enabled more patients to become successful candidates for dental implant-supported treatment.

Types of Anesthesia

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group uses three main types of anesthesia:

We are Here to Help

Whether you’d like to learn more about full-arch restoration or you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact Whitewater Oral Surgery Group today.