Bone grafting in Boise, Hailey, and Star, ID

Bone Grafting

Safe, Targeted Bone Growth

Bone grafting involves placing granulated bone material into an area of bone to promote new growth. The result is added width and/or height in a desired area. In oral surgery, bone grafting is a common treatment before undergoing a larger oral surgery procedure, such as dental implant placement.

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group | Dental Implant Experts performs several types of bone grafting procedures. The type of grafting procedure you receive will be determined during your consultation.

Sinus lift in Boise, Hailey, and Star, ID

Sinus lifts make tooth restoration possible for patients with missing teeth in the back of the mouth to receive dental implants.

Types of Bone Grafting Procedures

There are three main types of bone grafting procedures used in oral surgery:

  • Socket Preservation. An oral surgeon can perform a bone graft immediately after a tooth extraction. This helps ensure the tooth socket is protected against bone loss as well as prepares the area to receive a dental implant.
  • Sinus Lift. The maxillary sinuses are located in the back of the mouth, above the upper molars. The area that separates them is a very thin bone. Patients who desire dental implants but are missing teeth near the sinus often require a sinus lift due to an inadequate amount of bone to support a dental implant.
  • Ridge Augmentation. The bony ridge that supports the upper and lower arches of teeth is called the alveolar ridge. For successful dental implant placement, the height and/or width of this ridge may need to be increased.

When you come to Whitewater Oral Surgery Group | Dental Implant Experts, our oral surgeons will complete an evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jaws through an oral examination and 3D imaging. We work with every patient to design a customized treatment plan aimed at producing optimal results. We will detail your treatment plan during your consultation, which will also include discussing and selecting the right option for anesthesia.

Types of Anesthesia

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group | Dental Implant Experts uses three main types of anesthesia:

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