A New Smile Two of Our Nation’s Bravest

A New Smile for Two of Our Nation’s Bravest

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group proud to support our veterans as part of our new Smiles For Soldiers program. This year we will provide two deserving veterans with a complete smile makeover. Our two recipients are Terri, 67, from Mountain Home, and Phillip, 88, from Emmett.

Terri served 20 years in the United States Air Force as a hydraulic mechanic. She worked an additional 20 years for the United States Post Office before retiring in March. She now has nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. She has lived with dental issues for years because the roof of her mouth is very narrow. While she had some work done when she was in the military, she now suffers from the effects of ill-fitting dentures. In her application, she wrote that “one day last week my 8-year-old great-grandson pointed it out to me, ‘your teeth are crooked.’ Now I wonder how many times this might have happened, and I didn't know it. I do not want to become self-conscious.”

Phillip joined the United States Navy in 1950, hoping to be aboard ship, but was always on land serving during the Vietnam War as part of the Navy’s Air Wing and was stationed all over the world including Japan, Korea, French Indochina, California, and Alaska. He has experienced dental issues for many years and now has teeth that are loose and either fall out or are extracted. In his application, he wrote that “like anyone, I would like a nice smile, but at my age, being able to chew my food is of high importance.”

Terri and Phillip will each receive a procedure known as full-arch restoration. This treatment is superior to removable dentures and is quickly becoming the method of choice for patients in need of multiple tooth replacement.

About the Treatment

Full-arch restoration relies on dental implants to achieve the exceptional results this procedure is known for. Using as little as four dental implant posts, an entire upper or lower prosthesis is placed onto the dental arch and fixed in place for results that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

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