Whitewater Oral Surgery Group is proud to support our soldiers and veterans as part of our second annual Smiles For Soldiers program. We recognize that many soldiers and veterans in our community suffer from missing or failing teeth and cannot afford the necessary oral surgery. That is why, this year we will again be providing one military member or veteran with a complimentary full-arch restoration procedure.

Eric, 29, is an United States Army Veteran and born in Puerto Rico. He now lives in Nampa with his wife and two children, and works for a local pest control company. Eric has had issues with his teeth for many years and for a variety of reasons including gum disease, depression, injuries suffered while on active duty, and was hit in the face by a crane. After his deployment he was homeless for a year before moving in with roommates and finding a job. Now he is able to support his family and wants to take back control of his mental health, take photos with his family, and smile with confidence. He even mentioned that he has a passion for food and would love to eat better, healthier foods without pain.

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Full-arch restoration relies on dental implants to achieve the exceptional results this procedure is known for. Using as little as four dental implant posts, an entire upper or lower prosthesis is placed onto the dental arch for results that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.