Pre-prosthetic surgery in Boise, Hailey, Star, and Twin Falls, IDPre-prosthetic surgery in Boise, Hailey, Star, and Twin Falls, ID

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Get the Right Fit From Your Prosthesis

Millions of people wear a dental prosthesis. However, a denture may be uncomfortable and cause pain, slipping, or sores if it doesn’t fit correctly. Pre-prosthetic surgery improves the look, feel, and function of a denture by reshaping the bony contours of the mouth to fit the prosthesis.

The surgeons at Whitewater Oral Surgery Group will work with you to ensure you receive a secure and comfortable fit from your prosthesis. Drs. Kempers, Nelson, Hastings, and Clark work with experienced restorative dentists to finalize the restoration and ensure healthy, beautiful results.

The right pre-prosthetic procedure for you will be based on your current condition, type of denture, and prosthetic fit goals. We will take 3D imaging of your facial structure to ensure accurate and efficient treatment planning. While some patients require the jaw bone to be smoothed or shaped, others may need excess gum or bone removed as well. Before your pre-prosthetic surgery, your oral surgeon will discuss your treatment plan in depth and cover topics such as the length of surgery, type of anesthesia used, and the results you can expect.

Types of Anesthesia

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group uses three main types of anesthesia:

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