Sign the Pledge, Protect Your Head

Thank you to everyone who signed the pledge! Heads Up Boise was a huge success, and we hope everyone will wear a helmet for every ride.

We have a limited number of helmets in various sizes remaining. After you sign the pledge, please call our office at (208) 342-7610 to check availability and schedule a time to pick up your helmet at our Boise office during regular business hours. Remaining helmets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

*please note, there is a limit of one free helmet per person

Did you know?

  • Helmets reduce injuries to the face by 27%.
  • The risk of a serious brain injury is lowered by 33% when a child wears a helmet.
  • Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injuries by at least 45%.
  • Bicycle fatalities are 29% less likely to occur when wearing a helmet.
  • 88% of high school students reported never or almost never wearing a helmet in a 2013 study.
  • Children are more likely to wear helmets when they see others doing so.