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Emma appreciated the staff’s efforts to make her feel comfortable and well cared for. Her wisdom teeth removal went great and her recovery was quick!

Emma got her wisdom teeth removed

Emma's Story

"Hi, my name is Emma from Boise, and I came to see Dr. Kempers to get my wisdom teeth removed. The office is very nice and clean, it’s very friendly. The staff here are very helpful. They really care about what their patients experience when they’re here in the office. Dr. Kempers is very knowledgeable. He really gives you as much instructions as he can to make sure that you heal correctly. I was made very comfortable when I was here. My procedure was quick and easy, and recovery time was quick at home—mostly because of the instructions that I was given. I had a great experience, and I highly recommend Whitewater Oral Surgery Group | Dental Implant Experts."

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