Dental implants in Boise, Hailey, and Star, ID

Dental Implants in Star, ID

The Healthy, Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth

Many patients struggle with one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are a revolutionary solution that provides long-term, natural-looking results. At Whitewater Oral Surgery Group | Dental Implant Experts, our skilled team of oral surgeons perform a variety of implant-based restorations to help you regain confidence and function in your smile again. Our Star, ID, office is located near the intersection of ID-44 and S Star Road.

Types of Dental Implants in Star, ID

Single Implants

One dental implant can be used to replace one missing or failing tooth wherever it is needed throughout the mouth. This includes front teeth, canines, and even molars.

Implant-Supported Bridges

When you receive a traditional bridge, the neighboring teeth must be ground down to support the prosthesis. Dental implants can support the bridge instead, protecting your natural teeth and providing the jaw bone with more stimulation, keeping it healthy.

Immediate Implants

Our oral surgeons can place a dental implant post into the tooth socket on the same day as a tooth extraction. You must have enough jaw bone to support the implant. If you do not, we can place a bone graft to promote the growth of new bone.

Full-Arch Restoration

Dental implants can support a fixed denture in one or both arches, resulting in a permanent, natural-looking set of brand new teeth. This procedure is life-changing and is ideal for patients with multiple missing teeth.

Ceramic Implants

Patients with a metal allergy may benefit from ceramic implants, which provide the same function as traditional dental implants. These are also known as zirconia implants and allow patients in need of a healthy alternative to traditional implants to experience the same long-lasting benefits of tooth restoration.

Zygomatic Implants

The bone that separates the maxillary sinus from the upper teeth can be very thin, limiting its ability to support a dental implant. When you require an implant in the upper dental arch, we can use a zygomatic implant, which involves inserting a long implant post directly into the zygomatic bone. This creates a stable foundation for your dental implant.

Dental Implant Cost and Value

The cost of your restorative treatment will depend on the type of implants you require, your insurance, your choice of anesthesia, and if you require additional procedures such as bone grafting. We will provide you with a cost estimate at your consultation.

Dental implants have a high success rate and patients can enjoy the natural look and feel of their replacement teeth. Removable dentures or bridges sit on top of the bony ridge in the mouth and do not prevent the jaw bone from deteriorating. Dental implants fuse to the jaw bone, keeping it healthy and preventing costly bone grafting procedures in the future.

The Dental Implant Surgical Procedure

During your first visit, you will meet with one of our oral surgeons. We will take 3D scans of your face and discuss your options for anesthesia. On the day of your surgery, your surgeon will make a small incision in the gum tissue and place the implant post. Your implant post will fuse to the jaw bone over the next few months and when it has fully healed, your restorative dentist will place the custom-made crown.

Types of Anesthesia

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group | Dental Implant Experts uses three main types of anesthesia:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get dental implants for your whole mouth?

Patients with suppressed immune systems, significant bone loss, or other diseases may not be candidates for dental implants. Notify your surgeon of your health conditions during the consultation to determine the right restorative treatment for you.

Who is not suitable for dental implants?

Like any other tooth, food can get stuck around dental implants. Brush and floss them regularly, just like a natural tooth, to keep them clean and healthy.

How painful is implant surgery?

It’s never too late to receive dental implants. As long as there is enough jaw bone to support it, you can receive a dental implant. If you do not have enough jaw bone, we can place a bone graft to help regrow bone in that area and prepare for implant placement.

Do they put you to sleep to do dental implants?

Yes, a full-arch restoration procedure is done in a single surgical visit. This procedure involves extracting remaining teeth in the dental arch, inserting as few as four implant posts, and securing a permanent fixed denture to the implants. To learn more, visit our full-arch restoration page.

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