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Digital Media Library

The Whitewater Oral Surgery Group’s Digital Media Library is where you will find many full-motion video, 3D animation, clinical and before-and-after video files. By visiting the digital media library pages, you will be able to view video presentations of common and complex topics ranging from corrective jaw surgery, dental implant surgery, and wisdom tooth. The Boise OMS Digital Media Library is a growing collection of Maxillofacial Surgery topics so be sure to check back.

whitewater oral surgery images

Anterior Tooth Implant

Block Bone Graft for Implant

Class II Div 1 Skeletal

Class III Skeletal

Eruption of Impacted Maxillary Cuspid

Impacted Cuspid (Palatal) Treated

Mandibular Advancement Surgery

Mandibular Setback Surgery

Maxillary Advancement with Mandibular Setback

Maxillary Impaction (Gummy Smile)

Posterior Tooth Implant

Third Molar Extraction

TMJ Anterior Disc Displacement

Wisdom Teeth Eruption

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